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To help encourage everyone to stay home amid this Covid-19 outbreak We have partnered with Andre McWilliams Photography to present the #frontporchproject  in Detroit. We will produce an editorial photo series of you family on your front porch and/ around the outside of your home but from 6-10 feet away. The goal is to document your new normal during this pandemic.

Also,  you and you family have the option to be featured on our podcast  As we discuss how you and your family are coping with this pandemic and stay at home quarantine. The podcast can be found in the "Podcast and Music" section of the Street Pass app

To participate in this project, please send us a brief family bio and tell us what your new normal looks like. We will send our photographer to spend 10 - 20 minutes with you and your family from a safe social distance. All images will be posted on our Facebook account.

There is no cost for the session, however, we ask that you make a donation to the Street Pass app ($75 suggested minimum), a publication that helps market and promote local retail businesses. With this self funded publication we are dedicated to creating the highest quality content for this app. Your donations ensure that this publication is a service to you and they help us extend awareness of various people, businesses and events in the community. Journalism and production of this quality and depth, requires additional support.

Additionally, Your donations will help us provide promotional and marketing support for some of the local retail businesses that are listed in the directory of this app.

Tap the following email link to request an appointment. Please include:
• Your Name, address and phone number
• A brief family bio (tell us how you and the family are coping with the quarantine/pandemic)
Number of people in your family
Preferred session date

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